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"why did she win the nobel peace prize???"

"she didn’t do anything to deserve the nobel peace prize"

fuck anybody who wasn’t overjoyed when she won, this girl is providing a voice for uneducated and oppressed young people across the world whilst still advocating and campaigning for peace and anti-violence. after she was shot in the head.

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public service announcement

This is the kind of pathetic attitude that shouldn’t be directed at men or women. We should be bridging gaps, not burning bridges. We’re better than this Tumblr.

Hey just saying maybe we’ll stop
saying women are superior when men stop acting like they’re superior

But dont males die more? By from what I researched from places like this http://kff.org/other/state-indicator/death-rate-by-gender/ males seem to die more so what is your point?

I don’t even understand how this is a counter argument

Also this just in: everyone dies. More news at 11

ok hold up now. just hold up for a second
men die more??? wait they die MORE? wouldn’t that mean that women die less? are we immortal? damn i was right from the start girls are out of control


Oh my. This post.

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These are the kinds of kids that are going to change the world.


These are the kinds of kids that are going to change the world.

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